During these trying times, we have more clients than ever who need food assistance, especially those with school aged children at home all day. Therefore, it is essential for us to remain open; however, safety is also a key concern .

Anyone volunteering may wear gloves which we have on hand for their use.

The desk worker is most vulnerable so we have instituted new guidelines which have been working well for two weeks:

  1. No clients are allowed inside our facility at this time.
  2. Two tables are positioned to block the doo although the door is propped open.
  3. The client places the ID on the table while the volunteer locates the TFAP form and enters the clients information
  4. Groceries are transferred from totes to cardboard boxes which are pushed through the doorway to client.
  5. Milk, eggs, and other perishables are taken to the scale, weighed and placed on the table, with contents of boxes .
  6. Once all information is recorded the client can carry the boxes to their vehicle.
  7. After each client, the volunteer, wearing gloves, wipes off the table, door handle, ect.

Clients have been cooperative and patient with these procedures. Volunteers filling boxes are encouraged to clean the table, scale and wash hands frequently.

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